What to Do When Your Ads Are Killing It, But Your Sales Suck

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My Ads Are Performing Well, But My Sales Are Down – What Gives?

The advertising gods have smiled upon you, and your business had a creative breakthrough that has absolutely shaken up your industry and produced incredible engagement so far. You’ve launched a killer campaign with mind-blowing visuals and hilarious copy – but wait! You notice that your click-through-rates are stellar, your cost-per-click is insanely low, but your sales haven’t increased. What in tarnation is happening?

Though you may be tempted to shut off the ad campaigns and curl up in a corner with a bucket of ice cream and a fresh copy of “Social Media Marketing for Dummies”, wait a hot minute. Consider this before giving up: When you go to the doctor seeking a diagnosis for your illness, they give you a series of tests to figure out what’s going on with you. If one test comes back negative, they move on to testing another possible ailment or cause of pain. And so it goes on until they find what’s causing your illness to prescribe treatment.

The same principle can be applied to your advertising campaign. Don’t be so quick to pull the plug. (Can you imagine if that’s how doctors thought!?) Dive in to find a diagnosis, so you can prescribe a treatment plan.

In our experience, there are a few common reasons ad campaigns are performing well, but the conversion rate falls flat:

  • Your Landing Page Sucks.
    If you’re using landing pages to capture leads, generate registrations, or drive sales, switch it up. Your ads are performing well because you’ve crafted the right message with the right audience. That’s the hardest part. You need to make sure that your landing page has a clear call-to-action, your branding is consistent, and your landing page has a natural flow to it. Switch up the lead generation form, play with different colors, backgrounds – anything to give your landing page a refresh. You’d be surprised what a more simplified form or a background swap can do for conversion rates.
  • Your Website Sucks.
    Your customers’ entire experience from end-to-end should be seamless. That means from the time they hear about you to after-purchase, their journey should be flawless. Every touchpoint should be consistent, in alignment with your brand, and clearly communicate what you want your customer to do. We wrote an entire series of blogs about the importance of building web design personas to create a website your customers actually want to use. We highly encourage you to create web design personas to gain a deeper understanding for what your customers are looking for from your website, and how to create a website structure and interface that is intuitive and useful for them.
  • Your Message & Destination Page Messaging Don’t Match.
    Nothing is worse than click-baited ads – right? You could have the catchiest headline, with the most interesting imagery in the world – but if your destination URL doesn’t deliver what the user is expecting, they’re going to run away fast. And they’ll never return. Make sure your ad is promoting exactly what the user is going to find. If you’re promoting a specific product, make sure the link directs the user to shop that specific product. Nobody wants to go on a wild goose chase. We want things fast, and we want them now.

If you want to get a feel for how your customers are using your site, or what people think about your landing page, ask! Ask your customers, friends, colleagues, family members to navigate your website. Provide them with specific tasks. Ask them what would make their experience better. This will help you identify any opportunities your website is missing out on. Then, it’s time to compile a list of improvements and discuss them with your website developer.

If you’re an eCommerce business, we highly recommend implementing a cart abandonment tool to recover lost revenues. Check out our most recent article to learn more about this life-changing tech. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

If you need help optimizing your website for conversions and sales, give our team a call! We’d be happy to discuss your website needs and assess opportunities to increase sales and drive your business goals.


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