Facebook Changes for Better User Experiences Might Be Bad for Business

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Are Facebook’s News Feed Changes Affecting Business?

Earlier this year, Facebook announced they were going to disrupt the newsfeed as we know it. They were shifting away from ‘relevant content’ to enable more meaningful soical experiences on Facebook. This means the posts from news outlets and brands alike, whose content you passively consume, will be commandeered by updates from friends, family, and groups.

This doesn’t mean that your branded content will be going away completely – they’re just going to be taking a back seat to other types of content. There have even been conversations about branded content being pushed out of the newsfeed entirely into a separate section of the Facebook site. Though Facebook tested this last year, this is a change that hasn’t happened yet.

How Will Facebook’s Changes Impact Your Newsfeed Now?

In January 2018, Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s Head of Newsfeed, published a post called “Bringing People Closer Together” where he broke down how Facebook will prioritize content. He stated that Facebook will now push content that its algorithms detect will spark meaningful “back and forth discussion” to the top of News Feeds.

“Because space in News Feed is limited, showing more posts from friends and family and updates that spark conversation means we’ll show less public content, including videos and other posts from publishers or businesses.” stated Mosseri.

This means you’ll see photos from your Aunt Jo’s house renovation or notices from your traveling group instead of jewels like this:

Le sigh.

People who truly want to see your page’s content in their newsfeed will have to adjust their “See First in News Feed” settings. But if you want your audience to actively choose to see the content you’re putting out there, you’ve gotta step your game up.

How to Defeat the Organic Facebook News Feed Dilemma

Yes, we’ve established there are limited spaces in the News Feed. The spaces that are available in the News Feed will be given to businesses whose content sparks conversation and engagement that inspired this change in the first place.

Creating killer content will be your crown jewel to defeat the news feed change. We’re not saying create content that just looks cool – we’re saying get to the basis of what your followers are looking for. Are they wanting more information about a particular topic? Do they want to see a specific type of images and videos? How can your content provide value to your prospective and real customers that might lead to a discussion? Your user personas will really come in handy at this stage to gain a deeper insight to what they’re looking for.

Facebook wants to see that your content is engaging your audience. It’s sparking conversation. It’s meaningful. Consider enlisting the help of influencers to help spread the word of your content. By empowering readers to share your stuff, you’re amplifying opportunities for meaningful conversation to take place. This level of interaction, not just likes and shares, but positive engagement, is the type of engagement the News Feed algorithm will prioritize moving forward.

Of course, it’s important to continue leveraging the Ads platform. After all, with all these algorithm changes, we can expect to see the competition for the News Feed ad placements increase. Your visual content and written copy will play an equally important role in driving the actions you want from Facebook advertising.

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