Is IGTV Going to Take Over?

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What is IGTV and Should You Jump on Board?

If you haven’t heard yet, Instagram launched a new feature that allows content creators to create and upload up to 1-hour long vertical videos in a new section of Instagram called IGTV. You can access IGTV through a button on the top right-hand corner of the home screen or download the app separately.

We know what you’re thinking: another feature?! Just when we think we’ve got our content strategy down: BAM! Here comes another feature, another app, or another change in how our content is consumed. Is it time to revisit your content marketing strategy? Or should you just totally bypass this new addition?

Should You Use IGTV?


If a majority of your target audience is between the ages of 18-29, and you’re already actively using Instagram, IGTV might be a good way to build off your social media engagement. Furthermore, if you’re creating video content, it could be an even better way to distribute your content, since you’re not limited to 1-minute clips. There is a lot of opportunity to get creative here. Another advantage of IGTV is that it’s a new feature. The monetization strategy for IGTV isn’t clear yet, meaning it’s an untapped market – for now.


There will be some planning, time, and monetary investment required to create an engaging IGTV channel. Though you could certainly repurpose some existing content in vertical format for IGTV, you may want to consider creating original content exclusive to your audience on Instagram. This will provide further incentive to follow and watch your videos. With that being said, there will be a bit of strategy and creative planning involved both initially and on an ongoing basis.

If your audience is small, or if your engagement is low, consider building an engaged audience first before jumping to another channel. We always recommend mastering 1-2 channels first before adding more to your content strategy. Quality over quantity.

How Can You Use IGTV?

Brands like Chipotle and Nike are producing original content for IGTV. Now, not every company has millions of ad dollars, but enough creative power and video editing skills could very well provide the pieces necessary to produce some killer video content. This video content doesn’t have to be exclusive to IGTV, but rather reformatted and distributed using the channel.

Get Creative

Chipotle released a video exclusively on IGTV, where someone is pulling endless Chipotle items out of a paper bag, a’la Mary Poppins. They didn’t use the entire allotted hour, but it was definitely over the minute mark.

Chipotle IGTV

Everlane leveraged IGTV to expand on their campaign #DamnGoodDenim. They created a video where they asked a couple of their employees to style and model Canadian Tuxedo outfits.

Everlane IGTV

Think of how you can leverage existing campaigns to expand your content to IGTV, or how you can use it as an outlet to express something totally new. What stories could you tell through IGTV video? Are there opportunities to get creative with your products or services? Sometimes, all you need is a little creative spark to jumpstart a genius, viral campaign beloved by all.

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