When there’s a problem with your site, who do you call? At Website Design Phoenix we pride ourselves in being the “one stop shop”. If there is any problem with your site, from hosting to content, we can be the one number you call, rather than chasing down registrars, webhosts and web developers.

We know you’ve heard of many big web hosts out there who spend more of their money on marketing than they do on their infrastructure. At Website Design Phoenix, we use one of the biggest web hosts in the world with 4 server farms to replicate your site, so that if traffic to one server gets slow, there are 3 others to pick it up.

SSL – If you go to your bank’s website you’ll see you have an HTTPS connection, meaning the traffic between your computer and the server is encrypted so that it can’t be intercepted. Nowadays this is important for any website, not just banks, and we can make sure your site has this type of connection too. Great for Google rankings, and your visitors as well.

When we host your site, we also add you to our included uptime monitoring service. If your site ever does go down, we are immediately alerted and our team can often diagnose and fix the problem before you’re ever aware it happened.

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