Does Facebook Advertising Work for Small Businesses?

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Does Facebook Advertising Work for Small Businesses?

We all know Facebook is the dominating social media platform in terms of active users. Over 1.28 billion people are active on Facebook on a daily basis. That means that it’s too big of a platform for business leaders and marketers to completely ignore. However, with Facebook being so large, the competition for getting your company and ads in front of your target audience is getting higher. So does this mean you’re going to have to pay more for the results you’re looking for? How effective is Facebook for small business? Thanks to a survey administered by Social Media Examiner, we’ve got the answers to determine if Facebook advertising is effective for small businesses.

Over 62% of marketers said that Facebook is the most important social network to their business. However, 40% of marketers aren’t sure if Facebook marketing works for them, and a whopping 53% have seen declines in Facebook Newsfeed exposure. Despite the concerns for Facebook marketing effectiveness, 64% of marketers plan on increasing their Facebook ads activities. So what gives? If nearly half of marketers aren’t seen the results they’d hoped for, why would they allocate more money to it? There are a couple of reasons.

As Facebook Continues to Evolve, We’re Left Confused

When asked which social media platform they’d like to learn more about – over 80% of respondents said they’re most interested in expanding their knowledge with Facebook. Who wouldn’t? Facebook is in a state of perpetual evolution.They’re continuously improving their ranking algorithms, rolling out new features, integrating new technologies, and freshening up their interface to create a more personalized and easy experience for their users. It’s hard to keep up with the latest changes they’ve made – and to make matters worse, they rarely notify users (and businesses alike) unless said changes affect the majority.

Our Content Strategies Aren’t Keeping Up With Facebook

We’re sure by now you’ve noticed the demand for video content is increasing – but is your company meeting these demands? Probably not. In fact, about 45% of marketers rarely use video, and only 28% of marketers use live video today.

With Facebook shifting its focus to video content, it’s critical to integrate video content with your social media strategy. Otherwise, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to get your content in front of your audience who have already “liked” your page. Have you noticed a huge decrease in your organic reach? (Or how many people who have seen your posts without boosting them?) Yeah, 53% of survey respondents echo this sentiment. While there are a ton of reasons why your posts aren’t actively prioritized in your audience’s newsfeeds, content type is a huge factor.

There’s a Clear Disconnect Between B2B Marketing & Facebook

B2B marketers and business leaders alike aren’t gung-ho about Facebook marketing. They’re still skeptical on whether or not the platform can actually contribute results to their overall marketing efforts. When asked which social media platforms they’ll be focusing on, only 43% of marketers sided with Facebook, in comparison to over 72% of B2C respondents.

b2b vs b2c facebook marketing

Furthermore, only 24% of B2B respondents said they’re interested in exploring Live video, and B2C marketers place a higher emphasis on visual content than B2B marketers. Why? B2B marketers’ motivation for using social media is purely lead generation. They’d prefer to allocate time and resources on marketing efforts that will reach buyers ready to purchase, rather than awareness and peaking interest.

Facebook isn’t going away anytime soon for small businesses. If you’ve found that Facebook advertising isn’t effective for your business, it’s time to do some serious research. There are tons of opportunities available within the platform for both B2B and B2C businesses – you’ve just got to know how to use them to your advantage. Understand the role Facebook plays in your sales & marketing funnel, clearly define your goals, and find ways to get more visual with your content. Get those creative juices flowing and make Facebook work for you!

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