Which Social Media Channels are Most Effective for Your B2C Company’s Content Marketing?

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Which Social Media Channels Are Most Effective When it Comes to B2C Content Marketing? [2017 New Data]

If you’re a business selling products or services to consumers, making connections with them online is pretty darn important. But which channels allow you to both establish and nurture relationships with potential and past customers, and can deliver the results your business is looking for? How do you know which channels will produce the right results you’re looking for?

A recent study by Content Marketing Institute reveals brand new data collected from thousands of leading B2C (business to consumer) marketers who successfully execute and manage content marketing initiatives.

Which Tactics Are Most Crucial to Your B2C Content Marketing Strategy?

Unsurprisingly, social media remains the leading tactic B2C marketers deem most critical to their content marketing. After all, social media was built on sharing and engaging with content. Blogging, email, and pre-produced video are the other choices for B2C marketers. It’s critical to have a strategy that integrates different mediums, so that you’re resonating your message across each audience, for each stage of the sales cycle.

What isn’t surprising, however, is that fewer than 40% of respondents said they use the following tactics: Ebooks/White Papers (35%), Interactive Tools (31%), Online Presentations (31%), Webinars/Webcasts (31%), While some of these more informative tactics might work for B2B brands, B2C customers crave a deeper, more emotional and visual experience. It makes sense that B2C brands would find more success with more visual, quick content that’s easy to consume.

B2C Content Marketing Tactics

Key Factors Contributing to B2C Content Marketing Success

Yeah, it’s great that so many consumer product companies are seeing massive results from their social media marketing, but what’s their secret? According to the study, 77% of brands attributed high quality, more efficient content creation to their success. About 71% of respondents cited the development or adjustment of their strategy as a huge factor in their marketing wins. And over half have said that making content marketing a greater priority and distributing it in a more strategic way has greatly improved their marketing effectiveness.

Factors for B2C Content Marketing Success

The Paid Social Media Channels B2C Marketers Say Are Most Effective

So where is your money best spent? According to the responses of B2C marketers, social media remains the number one priority for paid methods. Specifically, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and over half dub Instagram as the best bang for your buck. Even though only 42% of respondents reported that Pinterest was effective – don’t be so quick to completely forget Pinterest. Did you know that over 87% of Pinners reported purchasing a product because of Pinterest? That’s quite an impressive stat for consumer product brands – and it’s definitely one that can’t be ignored. It’s possible that Pinterest is just an untapped B2C paradise that has yet to be fully explored. Think of how you can tell your brand’s story through Pinterest’s super visual content platform, and test it out. The worst thing that happens is that you generate some great brand awareness out of it – and that’s not a bad deal.

Only 47% of brands are taking advantage of Instagram, but it has the highest per-follower engagement rate at 4.21% out of all the available platforms. That’s 52x more than Facebook, and 120x more than Twitter! You can expect to see more consumer brands to leverage Instagram more this year – it’s worth testing!

Most Effective Paid Methods for B2C Content Marketing

Channels rated most important by b2c marketers

Dedicate the time and resources into creating an explosive B2C content marketing strategy. Know who your audiences are across each platform – because they will be different! And most importantly, create killer content that means something to them. If they care about it, you can bet you’ll see powerful results this year.

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